City of Lancaster and Green Charge Networks Unveil New Energy Storage System at Museum of Art and History

Partners also Launch Lancaster’s First Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Station

Today, the City of Lancaster and Green Charge Networks unveiled an energy storage system at the Lancaster Museum of Art & History (MOAH). The partners also unveiled Lancaster’s first Electric Vehicle (EV) fast charging station, located in MOAH’s parking lot. In its ongoing pursuit of optimal economic and environmental efficiencies, the City is constantly working to maximize the use of alternative energy and green technologies. With the help of a California Energy Commission grant, Green Charge Networks, a leading California energy storage company, installed both the new storage system and EV fast charging station.

“The City of Lancaster prides itself in utilizing cutting edge technologies. It is great to see these technologies installed and operational right here in the heart of our downtown,” said Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris.

MOAH’s new energy storage system is an important addition to Lancaster’s alternative energy efforts. The system stores energy to be used during peak hours, thus offsetting ever-increasing demand charges which continue to spike City-wide electric bills. Over the past decade, demand charges throughout California have grown more than 7% each year – accounting for 50% of the electric bills of many businesses and institutions. Green Charge Networks’ system utilizes proven technology to cut these demand charges by up to 50%. In bringing this energy storage technology to Lancaster, the company helps Lancaster take yet another step toward its goal of becoming America’s first Net-Zero city.

“Green Charge Networks’ GreenStationTM will reduce the museum’s demand charges, thus lowering their operating costs and maximizing the building’s power efficiency,” said Vic Shao, CEO of Green Charge Networks. “Since solar-generated power is now required for new homes throughout the City of Lancaster, adding intelligent energy storage will save dollars while creating a more flexible grid that’s ready to take solar power utilization to the next level.”

The new EV ChadeMO DC electric vehicle fast charging station also supports the City’s green energy efforts, as it is the first EV charger in Lancaster capable of charging compatible electric vehicles to 80% capacity in approximately 30 minutes (roughly a tenth the time that it takes at the seven other public EV chargers in the City). This new EV fast charging station is operated by NRG eVgo and is now available for public use in MOAH’s rear parking lot.

The City’s seven additional public EV chargers are conveniently located throughout the area. Three single car chargers are installed in the north parking lot of Lancaster City Hall, while four EV chargers have been installed in the southeast section of the Metrolink Station parking lot, located on Sierra Highway.

“Today is yet another example of the City of Lancaster’s dedication to improving power efficiency throughout our community. This new energy storage system will save taxpayer dollars by lowering MOAH’s energy costs,” added Mayor Parris. “We’ve also made a new charging station available for electric vehicle owners – all via innovative and environmentally conscious technologies. We’d like to acknowledge Green Charge Networks and the California Energy Commission for helping to make this possible.”